No Credit Card Required

Step 1

Under License Options
Click to Change Broker

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If your license is currently with a broker click, "Change Responsible Broker"
If your license is not with a broker click, "Add Responsible Broker"

Step 2

Enter Broker License Number

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Enter License # 02172960
Then click "Display Employer Information"
When Cheetah's name appears, click "Save Broker Information"
When asked "Is your responsible broker is available to certify your Salesperson affiliation request" select "No"
When asked "Would you like to enter your employer's email address?" select "Yes"
Enter: then click the "Save Email" button

Step 3

Contact Cheetah
Confirm your identity by texting your full name and license

Step 4

Wait for Confirmation Email

Kindly allow our team to review your license and provided information.
After we review the information provided, you'll receive a welcome email confirming your partership is complete.

Step 5

Enjoy 7 days of unrestricted access to Cheetah

Don't forget to contact us immediately after affiliating.
Text: 415-212-6611
Your Future Awaits
7-Day Free Trial Period

Enjoy for 7 Days

At the end of the 7-day trial period, you'll have the option to commit and continue enjoying the benefits of Cheetah's platform. If you choose not to commit, your association with Cheetah will be dissociated.

Complete the contact form.

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