An agreement that puts the agent first, not the brokerage.

Company Terms & Conditions

Updated 02/19/2024 | Click here to view Old Terms and Conditions

Acknowledgment of Updated Terms

This acknowledgment serves to inform all parties involved that the terms and conditions of the Real Estate Broker Contract between Cheetah, a licensed real estate brokerage, and subscribing real estate agents ("Agents") have been updated as of February 19, 2024.

New Subscription Agreement:

Effective immediately, all new licensed real estate salespersons subscribing to Cheetah's brokerage adhere to the updated contract terms outlined in the most recent version of the Agreement.

Expiration of Prior Contract:

It is hereby clarified that the prior contract agreement and conditions do not apply to licensed real estate salespersons subscribing after February 19, 2024.

Transition Period for Existing Subscribers:

Licensed real estate salespersons who subscribed before February 19, 2024, will have until March 1, 2024, or until their next effective recurring subscription date after March 1, 2024, to update their current plans to align with the new subscription prices outlined in the updated company terms and conditions agreement.

Transition Period Guidelines:

During this transition period, existing subscribers are encouraged to review the updated terms and conditions and make necessary adjustments to their subscription plans to reflect the new pricing structure.

Acknowledgment and Compliance:

All subscribing real estate agents, both new and existing, are required to acknowledge and comply with the updated terms and conditions of the Real Estate Broker Contract as of February 19, 2024.

By subscribing to Cheetah's brokerage, all agents confirm their understanding and acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.

Real Estate Broker Contract

This agreement ("Agreement") is entered into between Cheetah, a licensed real estate brokerage operating under DRE License 02172960 ("Cheetah"), and the subscribing real estate agent ("Agent"):

1. Subscription to Brokerage:

a. The Agent hereby subscribes to the services of Cheetah as a licensed real estate salesperson under the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

2. Subscription Plans and Pricing:

a. Bronze Plan: Agent agrees to a monthly subscription fee of $100 plus applicable taxes per month applies. Under this plan, Agent is entitled to 80% of their commission, while Cheetah retains 20%. Agent acknowledges that the Bronze Plan cannot upgrade to the Silver Plan or Gold Plan until a successful transaction is completed.

b. Silver Plan: Agent agrees to a monthly subscription fee of $250 plus applicable taxes. Under this plan, Agent receives 100% of their commission, with no portion retained by Cheetah.

c. Gold Plan: Agent commits to an annual subscription fee of $2500. This plan guarantees Agent's receipt of 100% of their commission, without any portion withheld by Cheetah.

3. Payment Obligations:

a. Agent must fulfill payment obligations promptly and according to agreed terms.

b. Agent acknowledges that subscription plans are completely nonrefundable.

c. Cheetah is not liable for agent fees, fines, or charges. In case of legal action due to non-compliance, Agent is responsible for both their attorney fees and Cheetah's legal expenses. Cheetah reserves the right to terminate Agent for non-compliance, and Agent will cover incurred legal costs.

4. Agent Responsibility:

a. The Agent acknowledges that Cheetah is not liable for any and all actions, fines, or penalties resulting from the Agent's real estate activities or practices.

b. The Agent commits to conducting their real estate activities in compliance with all applicable Department of Real Estate Laws, Code of Ethics, and industry standards rules and regulations, including state, local, and national.

5. Team Formation:

a. Upon forming a team, the Agent shall notify Cheetah and submit a Team Leader Contract for review and approval.

6. Legal Disclaimer:

a. The Agent acknowledges that Cheetah operates solely as a real estate brokerage platform and does not provide legal advice. The Agent is solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws.

7. Confidentiality Clause:

Both parties agree to treat all proprietary and confidential information shared during the business relationship with utmost confidentiality.

8. Illegal Activities:

The Agent agrees that engagement in illegal activities is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination of affiliation with Cheetah.

9. Termination:

Cheetah reserves the right to terminate the Agent's affiliation at its discretion for non-compliance with this Agreement. All subscription fees are non-refundable.

10. Amendment of Agreement:

The Agent acknowledges that this Agreement is subject to change or modification by Cheetah at any time. Continued use of Cheetah's services after notification of changes constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.

Administrative Legal Contract Review Fee:

a. There is a transaction fee of $550.00 per transaction.
b. If the agent is representing both parties, buyer and the seller, the fee is $1,000.00.

This fee covers administrative costs associated with legal contract review services provided by our team.  

Legal Expenses: In the event of any legal action initiated against the Agent by Cheetah, including but not limited to disputes, breaches, or violations of this Agreement, Cheetah shall bear all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred by the Agent in defending against such actions.

By subscribing to Cheetah's brokerage, the Agent accepts and comprehends the all the terms of this Agreement.